The author freely admits to being a stupefyingly techtarded Luddite, (and laments that that clever quip falls just short of being worthy of the Department of Redundancy Department Wall of Fame, although only for reasons that are clear to his muddled mind, in all likelihood).

He is painfully aware of the existence of the communication device known as a smart phone, but refuses to own one, even though it doubles as an implement of creation, for he truly believes them to be sinister mind control devices invented by a malevolent alien species. Thus, he is doomed to become the only human who neither takes photographs, nor makes videos.

Ridiculously, he believes the quaint wordswords he creates can slay dragons, and win him the adoration of damsels in distress and summer dress.

But the crusty, stubborn old fool is, reluctantly, accepting that words and wordswords alone can sell more words. So, he is turning his mind to this YouTube thing that all the kids are talking about, and attempting to apply all that clever in his head and manifest in a form other than mere words on a page or screen.

Here, then, is his first attempt to amuse you, dear, gentle reader, in the hope that it may convince you to exchange your hard earned moolah for his stupid old book. Should it prove to please, he promises to endeavour to make more, and maybe even do better next time.

Did you like that? Okay, here’s another. Not as funny, more informative, entertaining all the same

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