Here’s an example of why Riff n Raff will appeal to sci-fi fans.

Book 1 – STOP THE WAR 


A couple hours later, back at Ye Olde Clowne House, BeanO and Riff n Raff discussed their options. Sid had answered all BeanO’s questions to the clown’s satisfaction. They had come to Earth, millennia ago, from their own frozen planet, which had become terribly overcrowded. So overcrowded and noisy that the penguins found it difficult to concentrate hard enough to solve their problems. So their government was dispatched to the South Pole of planet Earth.

A nice, out-of-the-way corner of a nice, out-of-the-way planet was exactly what the penguins needed. Complete isolation, perfect peace. The penguin government meditated on their planet’s problems and found solutions to all that came up… except the overcrowding. Penguins, it seems, are a little too feisty for their own good, and thus their leaders were doomed to govern from exile. Which, all things considered, wasn’t such a bad thing. Until the humans came, bringing with them a disease that debilitated the birds.

“Your species did horrible, horrible things to us,” Sid had told BeanO and the kids. “We simply could not comprehend the barbarity that was visited upon our quiet, harmless selves by humans. After suffering at the hands of the humans for a time, we were finally left mostly alone. We cured the disease the humans brought with them, and cancelled plans to exterminate your species,” Sid told the clown and the rascals.

“It was decided that we would attempt to better understand humans, so we allowed ourselves to be captured and put into these zoos of yours. We have the capability to monitor all your communications and we do when we are bored, but we can learn more about you by being up close and personal. Obviously, we can’t just go wandering the streets, so, while you are watching us, here in these zoos, we have been watching you.

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