From book 2 – POOR NO MORE


“I’ll give him credit, that money worshiping monster, Money; he’s good at what he does. Sadly, what he does is no good. He tapped into the hatred that burns in all of you. Finally, there was someone all of you could hate. We felt that hate. We don’t need it. And, honestly, it’s not our planet, anyway. We are, in every possible meaning of the term, illegal aliens on Earth, so what rights do we have there?”

That’s what Taffy was waiting for, and she pounced. “But so are we. Humans are an introduced species to Earth, too.”

“You don’t say?” said Sid. “Do tell, dear girl. Do tell.”

“My people pass this story from generation to generation, always orally, never daring to write it down anywhere, because that would be tantamount to writing our own collective death sentence.”

Taffy looked around and made sure she had everyone’s undivided attention. “We know where our species comes from. Not our race, not Gypsies, but our species, humans. Once upon a time, all humans knew the story. But then religions were created by evil forces to deny the tale, to fabricate fallacious speculations about the origin of our species, and divide us all. To pit brother against brother, forever more.”

Taffy looked at her friends, again. Then she looked around the bridge. Everyone was listening. You could have heard a feather floating through the air.

“This story is the reason my people are persecuted and hated everywhere we go. You will be the first non Gypsies to hear the truth about how humans came to Earth in more than 500 years.”

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