climate change activists

Here’s an example of why Riff n Raff will appeal to climate change activists

Book 2 – POOR N MORE


Mr. Money was thoroughly bummed when he dragged his thoroughly spanked derriere into the office on Monday morning. He knew that he was either going to have to resign his position, and find a gig that paid a lot more, or come up with an idea so breathtakingly brilliant that he would catch up to, and pass, those damned Rothschilds overnight if he was going to satisfy his material girls.

He was staring out the window when the answer to all his problems waddled into his office. “Mr. Money,” said his receptionist over the intercom, “there’s a penguin here to see you.”

Despite the fact that Mr. Money greatly resented Sid and his waddle of interstellar penguins for the role they played in the thwarting of his plan to become the richest and most powerful man on the planet, he was civil enough to extend a hand to the portly, flightless water fowl, “Sid! Good to see you. How’s everything down at the South Pole? To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“That’s what I like about you, Money; you get right down to business. So will I. We’ve got problems. BIG problems.”

Mr. Money resisted the temptation to offer to trade his problems for Sid’s.

“If you humans don’t kick your addiction to fossil fuels, we’re all going to die,” said Sid, soberly.

Sid explained it all to Mr. Money, who listened with incredible interest. Mr. Money did the math and concluded that the problem would not result in the devastation of Earth in his lifetime, nor would it pose insurmountable problems for anyone with a lot of money, so he knew exactly what he had to do.

“Yes, Sid, rest assured that the Planetary Science Council will do whatever is necessary to solve this horrible global warming problem,” Mr. Money assured the penguin, escorting him out of the office. As the two of them stood waiting for the elevator to arrive, Mr. Money fantasized about pushing the fat, flightless water fowl down the shaft to a splattering death. “I cannot thank you enough, on behalf of not only the Council but the whole human race, for bringing this to our attention, Sid. We’re on it, double plus pronto.”

The second Sid was in the elevator, Mr. Money ran back to his office and called his old amigo, Guy Greasy, the President of BIG OIL.


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