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This is what’s so funny about peace, love and understanding!  Sadly, not everyone will be amused.

Hypocrites who have the audacity to call yourselves my followers, despite all the hate you harbour in your hearts, will be offended by these parables. Likewise, warmongers, shysters, pill pushers, banksters, and all sorts of money grubbing miscreants will decry this as the work of a sick and twisted mind. Although you can make a good case for that, it is not so, for he is my brother… from a different mother. Go ahead and howl your feigned indignation all you want, but you’re going to Hell, anyway. Unless you change your ways. Consider this a guidebook.

Overzealous, sanctimonious SJWs will find much to trigger them in these pages. They will denounce the author as a this, a that, and/or the other. They will dox him, desperately searching for “micro-aggressions” and shout “J’accuse! J’accuse!” when they find them. The roads to Hell are paved with your good intentions, kids, so maybe smoke a fatty before you pin the pedal to the metal in hot pursuit of another thought criminal to crucify. Maybe get laid, FFS.

And I say unto you, legions of teen rebels, rage on! Rage against the machine, and the monsters who made it. Do not listen to the preachers of hate, who speak with forked tongues. Reality is not for the squeamish, absurdity not for the humourless, so think for yourselves, learn to LOL at damn near everything, especially yourselves (and clean your rooms, practice safe sex, and don’t let anyone tell you masturbation is a sin). You are the hope; let Riff n Raff be your inspiration.

Jesus F Christ

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