The book is available in five formats (all prices in USD).

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Hard copy books are printed and shipped by Lulu. They have print plants all over the world. When you enter your address they assign the job to the closest plant to you and ship from there. Shipping prices will vary depending on where you are and how quickly you want the book.

Full colour interior: a dozen full page illustrations, all of which you can see in the PICS GALLERY  pics of the nine major characters across the top of all pages, and all pages rimmed in red (book 1), yellow (book 2), and green (book 3).

$22 + shipping

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Black and white interior: same as the fill colour edition, but all pics are in black and white, and the pages are not rimmed at all

$17.50 + shipping

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Both versions of the ebook are full colour. Because there are no pages in an ebook full colour images of the nine major characters do not appear at the top of your screen, nor are the pages colour rimmed.

The ebooks are held on the servers of Payloadz (an arm of Paypal), and download codes are sent upon completion of purchase (you’ll be loving the book in less than 2 minutes!)

epub version

$6 – no shipping charge

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mobi version

$6 – no shipping charge 

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pdf version

$6 – no shipping charge 

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This isn’t anyone;s business  but I don;t mind sharing, ’cause I know people like to know

Based on the $22 price of the colour print book, I make $6.47. The rest goes to Lulu, who print and ship the book. Shipping is extra, and I get no cut of it, nor does Lulu. So, in all likelihood, the post office is making more money off my book than i am.

I am not sure what he exact split on the black and white print book is, but it i something similar.

From the $6 ebook price, I get $5.53. The rest goes to Payloadz. Plus I pay them $20 a month for the service.



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