The primary purpose of Sinderella is to help the Cinderellas of the world find their Princes Charming.

A wonderful byproduct of that noble quest will be the magnificent amount of money that we will accrue for our effort.

Every Saturday night six hundred Sinderellas, and six hundred Princes Charming, will converge on the stunningly beautiful Natural History Museum in South Kensington

nat hist mus 1

nat hist mus 2

nat hist mus 3

for a modern take on the Royal Ball from Cinderella.

Fairy Godmothers

fairy godmother

will be on the floor to introduce our happily-ever-after hopefuls to each other.

If one of our Sinderellas desires an introduction to a potential Prince Charming she need only ask one of her Fairy Godmothers to approach said regal and ask if he would like to meet a damsel with desire.

Should said regal answer in the affirmative, the Fairy Godmother will usher him to the waiting and wanting damsel, make an introduction, and stick around just long enough to help spark a conversation.

Princes Charming can request the same service from our Fairy Godmothers.

Naturally, the King and Queen are in attendance.

king and queen

Once upon a time, theirs was a fairytale romance. Alas, that marital bliss has diminished and presently the two can barely stand to be in the same room.

Thankfully, the two are marvelously witty and they move around the ballroom wildly amusing guests with hilarious stories of their long, strange love.

Starting at the stroke of midnight, our Sinderellas will have the opportunity to demonstrate that they have found their Prince Charming. If Cupid has smiled upon her, our Sinderella will ask a Fairy Godmother to provide her with a small package of sparkle dust, which she them sprinkles on the head f her Prince.


Conversely, should one of our Sinderellas have had the misfortune of meeting a gentleman who has been less than Princely and charming, she can warn the other damsels in desire by placing a sticker with a picture of a frog upon the cad’s left shoulder.


The frog can only be transformed back into a Prince by virtue of a kiss from the Queen. In order to be liberated from that ignominious amphibian label, the frog must plead his case to the Queen, and either convince her that he has been wrongly libeled, or that he can and will reform himself.

boiw to the queen

After the stroke of midnight, the only libations available to guests will be champagne and absinthe (sponsorship opportunity).


Although the emphasis will be on conversation and flirting, a ball cannot be a ball without entertainment. Four or five short performances (no longer than ten minutes) will take place every night.

Operatic arias,

ballet recitals,

orchestral woks

will be performed.

Artists will be encouraged to create and audition modern fusions of classics, similar to the 70s hit A Fifth of Beethoven

Live re-enactments of classic, romantic scenes from theatre and film will be performed, as well, such as the airport scene from Casablanca

The balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet

A hologram can be used to recreate the final scene from Ghost

In keeping with the Cinderella theme, music will be classical but not at all alien to those not learned in classical music

However, a few modern love songs will be thrown into the mix.

The volume will be limited, so as not to interfere with the more important business of conversation and flirting.

In addition to our “main stage” performances, we will also have entertainers




stilt walkers

stationed around the venue to give intimate performances.

A mystic will also be in attendance for short private, or public, readings

taror reader

The dress code is strictly DRESS TO IMPRESS

16th century female

16th century male



sharped dressed woman

Arrivals at the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC

Guests will be encouraged to rent attire from Angels


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